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Company Formation in Montenegro

Establishing a company in Montenegro is easy, and it provides you and your family important opportunities. The most prominent advantage is the fact that you can get Montenegro residence permit when your new company is established. The country is expected to become a member of European union very soon. Foreign investors’ interest in Montenegro is growing every day due to government’s steady reforms in recent years. Getting residence and work permit through company establishment in Montenegro is possible in as little as 21 days.

The types of organizations that can be established in Montenegro include Limited Partnership, Joint Stock Company, Limited Company and Entrepreneur models. Limited company is the most commonly used organization type in Montenegro work and residence permit applications. Montenegro company installation applications are made on your behalf to the Central Registry Office of the Commercial Court by our company.

Documents for Establishing Companies in Montenegro

- Copy of passport: Notarized, translated into English. Apostille must be applied.
- Copy of diploma: Copy of the notarized diploma translated to English, from the last school you graduated (transcripts should be added if you are a University graduate).
- Criminal record: Notarized, translated to English. Apostille must be applied.
- Notarized birth certificate and marriage certificate copies: Once the company is established, it is necessary to obtain residence and work permits for your family members.

In addition, you should have a commercial name for the company you wish to establish.

Our company provides the necessary application services for company establishment in Montenegro including preparation of required documents, registration of company name, registration of business activity fields and declaring company address. All the necessary fees regarding company registration, notary and interpreting services are covered by the package you purchase from us.

You will need to visit the country for fingerprints and registration only for a short period of time after establishing company in Montenegro. You can find the best flight deals to Montenegro via Podgorica airport from our company.

Once your company is established in Montenegro, you must open a bank account for your monthly payments such as accounting, tax and insurance premiums.

Package contents

Our company provides professional consultancy services to foreign investors while they are setting up new companies in Montenegro. All transactions within the framework of the package you select are completed thoroughly in full accordance with legal regulations. We provide the most affordable consulting services in Montenegro. Once your company is established, you can benefit from our advantageous services to enable regular payment arrangements for monthly accounting, tax and insurance premiums. You can follow up your payments summary regularly via internet banking. The accounting office we currently work with has English-speaking personnel. You can easily contact by email or phone whenever you want. If you wish, you can complete all the other transactions by yourself once the company is established. You can get unlimited free advice from our company about accounting and legal procedures.

Important Considerations when Establishing a Company in Montenegro

The time required to set up a company in Montenegro is approximately 5 days. However, your investment and time may be wasted if your application is not made by a competent firm in this field. There are unfortunate investors who state that their company transactions are taking longer than 6 months due to deficiencies in the transactions performed by inexperienced consultants.

The legal regulations that must be followed during the application process must be followed carefully, otherwise your application for establishment and residence permit may fail.

Our company provides professional consultancy and guidance services in this regard. All of the official applications, residence address in Montenegro, tax regulations, bank accounts, etc. are fully processed by us on your behalf.

You can rest assure that your company application and residence permit applications in Montenegro will be successful with our experienced staff and vast experience.

Why is it advantageous to set up a company in Montenegro?

Establishing a company in Montenegro is advantageous due to the country's convenient location in Southeast Europe, its upcoming EU membership, strong tourism potential, and the growing construction sector.

Montenegro provides fast residence and work permits for the partners and family members of the foreign investors who wants to start a new life.

- The start-up costs are incredibly low, only 1 Euro is enough for the minimum capital required.

- The owner, partners and family members can obtain residence and work permits in Montenegro in as little as
3 weeks.

- Low tax system; 9% tax advantage. The Montenegrin tax system applies incentives for the development of companies.

- Corporate and income tax rates are quite low compared to other countries. If your company is inactive, the amount you will pay is only 100 Euros per year.

- Montenegro does not charge value added tax (PDV) if your trade volume is less than 18,000 Euros. When you reach this upper limit, the PDV rate is 19%.

- There are no visa requirements for most foreigners.

- Firms established by foreign investors in Montenegro enjoy equal rights with companies established by native Montenegrin citizens.

Montenegro applies Equal Treatment principle to all companies

According to the laws of Montenegro, the principle of equal treatment is applied to local and foreign firms (legal or natural persons). Therefore, there is no difference between companies established by the country's own citizens and companies established by foreigners. Your newly established business will have the same rights with companies organized by Montenegrin citizens.

A company is assumed a Foreign Investor according to Montenegro Foreign Investors Law if it has a minimum 25% foreign capital share in the capital or the whole firm is established by a foreign investor.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit by Establishing a Company in Montenegro

The owner and partners of the company established in Montenegro are entitled to a residence and work permit in a short time. The fact that the company is active or passive makes no difference in terms of application for the realization of these transactions.

Montenegro is very flexible with its residency permits. Unlike most European Union countries, you don’t have to stay in the country for certain number of days to maintain your residency status. You don’t even have to visit the country during the year. All you have to do is to pay your company tax and insurance premiums regularly.

The owner or partners, together with their family members, can get residence and work permits within 5 days after theMontenegrin company is established. The total period of time needed for all procedures is twenty-one days. You can benefit from our Montenegro accommodation and travel guide services during this 5-day period.

It is guaranteed to have a pleasant time during your visit to Montenegro with its must-see cities like Podgorica, Budva, Kotor and magnificent nature, historical monuments, famous restaurants, and SPA centers. It doesn't matter whether the season is winter or summer; Montenegro offers unique sea tourism with its turquoise beaches in summer and provides excellent accommodation for tourists who prefer winter sports with its facilities that resemble the famous ski resorts in Northern Europe. Montenegro is also famous for its scenic mountain lakes. When you visit our office to establish a company in Montenegro, you can get detailed information about best places to visit in Montenegro.

Montenegrin hotels are ambitious organizations that stand out in the Balkans with the high quality services they offer to their customers.

Advantages of Trading in Montenegro

Due to its convenient location, Montenegro has strong trade potential with its neighbors such as Serbia, Croatia and Albania. It also has significant exporting advantages because of its close location to countries such as Austria, Germany and France. Trade and tourism relations with Italy, which is located just across the Adriatic Sea, are highly developed. You can travel fromMontenegro's Bar port to the port of Bari in Italy within 7-10 hours by ferry. Port of Bari is highly developed because it is a popular destination for ships passing from Europe to the Middle East. Many export opportunities to EU countries exist through the company you will establish in Montenegro.

Thanks to the advanced Montenegro banking system, the possibility to transfer money easily, low customs duties, and rapid bureaucracy; investors from countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Germany are literally racing with each other for opportunities in Montenegro. In Montenegro, where hundreds of new foreign companies are established each month by the foreigners, current opportunities will end when the country's EU membership is approved. Investors who want to get a residence and work permit through establishing a company need to act quickly.

Montenegro's low Value-added tax policy also provides extra opportunities for you in this regard. The banking system in the country is well developed and the banks offer many online transactions enabling you to carry out your financial operations even when you are not in Montenegro. You can benefit from our company's accounting, tax, insurance, rent, real estate, notary and interpreting services.

Montenegro Business Opportunities

Trade in Montenegro is very convenient because of the quick and easy bureaucracy provided by the government. In terms of high profits; household goods trade, construction sector, health tourism, marine tourism and real estate development are the most profitable commercial segments.

You can insure your investments in Montenegro with various Austrian, Italian, US and Slovenian insurance companies. All types of commercial risk insurance are available.

The prominent investment sectors in Montenegro are:

- Tourism; Montenegro is receiving an exponentially growing number of tourists every year. The country needs more tourism facilities, pensions, restaurants, bars and guidance services because of the intense tourist raid. Kotor, which is under Unesco World Heritage Protection, has the largest port in the country. The port, which dates back to the 12th century, is a significant ship tourism center both as passenger and cargo through the Adriatic sea. The geographical and historical aspects of the country constitute attraction for tourists.

- Real estate sector; The advantages of Montenegro as a developing country can be seen from the rapidly growing construction sector. The 3% low real estate tax also increases the interest of real estate investors. Montenegro provides many opportunities for contractors with residential or commercial real estate projects. The Montenegrin real estate market is in high demand from citizens of countries such as Russia. Although the coastal areas are protected by the state, the other sections are very suitable for new projects.

- Health tourism; Montenegro attracts tourists in various health segments because it offers far more attractive prices than EU countries. Budva (Becici) and Podgorica has modern facilities for health tourism which stand out in the Balkans. High demand has been observed in health tourism which is mainly focused on Spa and meditation centers with the increase in the number of educated tourists in recent years. Investment in personal development, rehabilitation and surgical operation services provide significant future prospects. There will be a further increase in these rates with Montenegro's possible accession to the EU community soon.

The prominent segments in health tourism:

Montenegro is a country which imports most of its needs from abroad. This makes the region profitable for investors for two reasons:

1. Marketing import products throughout Montenegro by establishing a company

2. Locally meeting the needs of both Montenegro and the EU countries in the region by establishing a production company

Iron, bauxite and lignite make up the leading industrial production in Montenegro. The amount of the products exported to Montenegro are increasing steadily each year. Precious metals and jewelery are the most prominent ones among all the exports which show a very high increase of 435% in the last three years.

Montenegro Tax System

In order to attract foreign investors to Montenegro, government has provided significant facilities in tax applications. Montenegro collects its main public revenues through Corporate Tax (9%), Income Tax (9%), Value Added Tax (19%), Withholding Tax and Social Security Contribution (33.8%), respectively.

Tax facilities for foreign investors:

• Tax laws in accordance with EU criteria and international standards
• Tax exemption for investments in certain regions
• Low rate for value added taxes
• Tax refund payments

Incentive Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Montenegro

Incentives are implemented in two different ways for the northern and southern regions in Montenegro. Since the southern parts of the country are focused on tourism, production-based incentives are designed mainly for the northern parts.

Conditions and incentives for southern regions (including Podgorica):

- Incentive to pay 3 to 10 thousand Euros per each staff if the company employs a minimum of 20 people and invests at least 500,000 Euros

Conditions and incentives for northern regions:

- Incentive to pay 3 to 10 thousand Euros for each staff if the company employs a minimum of 10 people and invests at least 250,000 Euros

Tax exemption for investors providing employment in regions designated by the state of Montenegro:

• Personal income tax of employees
• Compulsory social security premiums
• Corporate tax (first 3 years)
• VAT refund
• Various discounts on customs duties (Import of raw materials, Import of equipment)

You can get all kinds of commercial and touristic consultancy and guidance services about Montenegro from our professional and experienced staff through our company.

We can offer you the most reliable consulting services with our advantageous packages, whether your purpose is to visit Montenegro or to establish a residency in Montenegro.

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