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General Information

Montenegro has been continuously developing both socially and economically since it declared its independence in 2006. It is the most popular and the youngest country in the Balkans. Visa policy of the country is very flexible; citizens of countries such as Russia, Turkey, US, Canada, and all European countries are exempt from visa.

Tourists pour in from many different locations during summer season to enjoy the Montenegro’s beautiful turquoise beaches, historical monuments, and the mild Mediterranean climate which is extremely rare in the Balkans. The peaky mountains that lay around the northern section of the country also have high quality accommodation for winter sports. The country has two international airports, one of which is located in the capital city Podgorica. There are direct flights coming in from many European cities to these airports on a daily basis which contributes to Montenegro’s tourism profits.

Montenegrins, Bosnians, Serbs and Albanians make up most of the diverse population of the country which has reached to 629,354 as of 2019. In recent years, a significant number of Turkish and Russian citizens have migrated to Montenegro due to flexible immigration laws.

Montenegro Geolocation - Where is Montenegro located?

Montenegro is located in Southeast Europe, and it contains the most beautiful Adriatic coast in the Balkans. Its neighboring countries are Croatia, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located across the Italy in the Adriatic sea, Montenegro is an important stopover for ferry services going to the Middle East. Travelers from almost every European country can easily visit Montenegro since it is only two hours away by air from the most remote European central city. Bay of Kotor pulls most of the visitors with its beautiful sea coast and historical buildings. This are is under UNESCO World Heritage Protection and looks like it just came out of a fairy tale story with old stone houses, the mystic castle (Castle Of San Giovanni) and the pathways.

Montenegro Climate

There are not many places in the world where you can ski in the morning and have a coffee in the afternoon while enjoying a beautiful spring day by the sea. You can basically sip your coffee in Kotor Bay on a spring day and then go skiing in the mountains located in the north of the country. And all it takes is just a few hours of drive by the way. There is a reason why people love Montenegro so much and now you know why they do! The southern coast of Montenegro is much like Italy and the north resembles Switzerland; a unique beauty of nature. But there is so much more than the natural habitat to be fascinated about Montenegro, which we will get into in depth a bit later on. The average air temperature is 13°C during winter and 27°C in summer.

The Famous Lakes of Montenegro

You can say that the Montenegro is a country of lakes. I mean beautiful, calm, fresh, mountain lakes that are surrounded with tall and branchy trees. Skadar (Shkodra) is the largest one and it is located in between Albania and Montenegro. The country has a total of 40 charming lakes. Lake Skadar is a natural wonder and it has become a real estate investment area in recent years. It is a major attraction area for environmental tourism. Foreign investors are more interested than the locals with the apartments and luxurious villas surrounding the Skadar lake.

Winery, honey and cheese production is a major source of income in this area which has progressed significantly in the last ten years. Durmitor National Park has become a meeting point for nature lovers and is getting more attention every year. It contains 18 lakes and unmatched sight views.

Nightlife in Montenegro

Budva and Podgorica basically lead Montenegro's glorious nightlife. Although the bars and nightclubs for tourists are more common in the southern regions, there are also a number of famous spots in the capital city Podgorica as well. Montenegro, which is the most attractive place among visa-free Balkan countries, offers tourists many alternatives in nightlife.

Best clubs and bars in Montenegro:

• Maximus (Kotor)
• Nightclub Beagle (Podgorica)
• Top Hill (Budva)
• Akademia Bar (Niksic)
• Maestral Casino (Budva)
• Wine Street (Kotor)
• Mojito (Podgorica)
• Buddha Bar (Podgorica)
• Culture Club Tarantino (Podgorica)
• Casino Royale (Budva)
• Maltez Club (Budva)

Montenegro Attractions

Montenegro has conquered the hearts of tourists with its charming beauties and there are some places that you must definitely see when you visit. Do not complete your Montenegro tour without seeing these magnificent regions; they are all impressive. You will have a better idea why Montenegro attracts four times more tourists than its population as you read our article.

Lustica Peninsula

The Lustica peninsula is located in the Bay of Kotor. Visiting this magnificent peninsula is pretty much like going on a journey through the history of Montenegro. You will feel exactly what a Montenegrin holiday is when you get to know the daily life and traditions of the local people around here which have not changed much for hundreds of years.

The peninsula is spanning through an area of 47 km2 and the surrounding sea looks like a huge turquoise pool. The golden sandy beaches are all magnificent. Two things are indispensable in Lustica; fishing and the olive trees. If you like these two characteristics which form the basis of Mediterranean culture then you should enjoy them vigorously during your holiday. A new adventure awaits you in every corner of Montenegro. Be sure to visit the Blue Cave, the Tivatska Salina Bird Reserve and the island of Mamula at sunset.

Best Lustica restaurants:
• Ribarsko Selo - Montenegrin seafood
• Vino Santo - Montenegrin seafood
• Maestral - General foods