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Montenegro Legal Counseling Services

We provide professional legal consultancy service in Montenegro with our experienced staff within the scope of current legislation for both business and general issues. Our goal is to inform you legally on every step you take and prevent problems that may arise before they occur.

Montenegro Immigrant and Foreign Investment Laws

Providing truly useful legal advice generally requires experienced staff trained in a wide range of business segments with specific knowledge in certain professional activities.

In addition to providing legal advice on all matters you may need in Montenegro, we would like to point out that we are specialized in the laws covering Montenegrin immigrant and foreign investors, which is the main area of expertise of our experienced team.

Our consultancy services within the current legislation:

• Contract law; clarify all kinds of issues within the scope of contracts
• Legal advice in meetings with third parties or institutions
• Preparation of all kinds of business and general contracts
• Information on new laws
• Consulate procedures
• Montenegro residence and work permits
• Tax cases
• Corporate management consultancy
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Follow-up of litigation and execution
• Advice on immigration law
• Advocacy services during investigation and prosecution
• Preparing defense and claim petitions
• Montenegro real estate law
• Receivables follow-up

Indigenous and Foreign Equal Rights in Montenegro

In Montenegro, domestic and foreign firms have equal rights against the law. Montenegro is the central country for regional investments in the Balkans and it protects foreign investors who plan to invest in the country thanks to the flexible immigration laws it provides.

All arrangements regarding natural and legal persons wishing to invest in Montenegro are covered by the Law on Enterprises in Montenegro. A newly established foreign company has equal rights with a local firm in Montenegro if it meets the requirements of the articles of Business Law. The laws of Montenegro allow the establishment of a total of 6 different types of companies: Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership and Foreign Partnership Company.

The better knowledge you have about the reformist laws and regulations issued for the development of the economy, the more successful you will be in the vital and commercial breakthroughs that you are planning to accomplish in Montenegro. You can benefit from the favorable rights with appropriate guidance.

Montenegro: Protector of Human Rights and Freedom

Montenegro aims to ensure that everyone living within the borders of the country can benefit from equal and free laws in accordance with the international laws. The Constitutional Court of Montenegro is a close follower of the articles 81st, 1st, 18th, 20th and 17th which are issued by the general courts and play an important role in the protection of human rights and freedoms.

In Montenegro, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms has a direct implementation capacity and is hierarchically superior to other laws. The international treaty ECHR is in force which was accepted on 09.05.2007 in Montenegro (CM / Official (2007) No. 9.5 Decision of the Council of Ministers of 2007).

Montenegro Legal System

The current governing system in Montenegro is Parliamentary Democracy, while the legal system applied is the Continental European legal system. Thanks to the stable political environment, the country has the chance to prepare itself rapidly for the upcoming EU membership. This supports the current government's ability to prepare the necessary legislative arrangements on human rights and economic development. In Montenegro the President is elected by the citizens. The country left Serbia and declared its independence on June 3, 2006.

Montenegro Collective Bargaining Law

The collective bargaining rights required by major investors are also effective in Montenegro. These collective agreements provide for the regulation of rights, responsibilities and obligations arising from employment relations between the employer and the employee. Collective agreements can be executed for 3 main branches in Montenegro.

Montenegro Free Zone Law

The Law on Free Zones enacted in 2004 allowed the establishment of free zones in Montenegro. A free zone is currently located in the port of Bar thanks to this incentive law which was arranged in order to contribute to commercial development. According to the relevant law, domestic or foreign investors wishing to establish free zones have the right to be organized as one or more partners.

Montenegro signed an agreement with 42 countries including Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, and Germany to prevent double taxation.

Keep your risks at minimum

The preventive legal consultancy services we provide for real and legal persons help to eliminate material and moral damages by intervening in issues that may turn into huge problems in the future.

Our main objective is to determine the rights and obligations of real and legal persons correctly within the framework of the laws and to determine both preventive and problematic solutions with our expert staff. Our team provides continuous legal consultancy within the scope of the current law to follow up and provide information on obligations that may arise about the newly enacted or amended law articles. You can visit our office with a short flight to Montenegrin capital of Podgorica. You can consult us for the best Montenegro airfare deals.

We provide you with legal advice within the scope of current laws for all kinds of issues that you may encounter while making an investment in Montenegro to start your new life safely. All you need to do is to contact us to get legal advice from our experienced staff for all your commercial and public enquiries related to Montenegro.