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Montenegro Business and Investment Opportunities

Montenegro's business and investment opportunities have enabled many investors from different countries to engage in high-income markets from tourism to the construction sectors. In 2018, the total amount of foreign direct investment was € 843 million, up by € 174 million from the previous year. Those who want to take advantage of this invaluable and rare opportunity should act quickly and make good use of the current opportunities before Montenegro economy is balanced with market saturation.

Foreign investment in Montenegro mainly focused on touristic areas in the southern part. For this reason, the Adriatic coast in the southern parts of the country is highly developed. Foreign direct investment rates in the northern part of the country increased by 6% to 8%. In these regions, there are diverse government incentives to provide more potential for high development. In these areas, which are relatively untouched compared to the southern regions, investments are mostly based on industrial and agricultural sectors.

Featured Investment Areas in Montenegro

Montenegro's development priorities are based on energy, agriculture and tourism. Mineral wealth of the country is one of the most prominent natural resources. The main energy sector investments include Maoce coal mine and thermal power plant, 36 hydroelectric power plants, Moraca hydroelectric power plant, various HEPP projects, Komarnica hydroelectric power plant, Res Krnovo and Mozura wind power plants.

Untouched ecological areas of the European continent for organic farming are all located in Montenegro. Additional investments in large sums are planned in order to reach the tourist potential of the Adriatic coast. Unlimited possibilities exist for foreign investors who are experienced in tourism and food industries.

With turquoise coasts, maritime, agriculture, stock breeding and forestry; Montenegro has distinguished natural resources that provide superior income options. The country has 40 large mountain lakes which attract thousand of visitors from all over the world for environmental tourism.

Advantages of Investing in Montenegro:

• It has the lowest tax rate in Europe; 9%
• Potential in the energy sector
• Tourism potential; climate, sea, mountain, ecological system
• Government-provided investment incentives
• EU membership to be approved soon
• Quality education and health services in Montenegro
• Mega organizations supplied through privatization (Ex: Airport and airlines)
• Quality labor and low salaries
• Advanced banking system
• Suitable areas for agriculture
• Fast bureaucracy, easy application procedures
• Flexible residence and work permits obtained by establishing a company in Montenegro

As you can easily evaluate from all the online transaction options that are made available by government; bureaucracy in Montenegro is fast and convenient. Accounting standards are of the highest level applied worldwide. No distinction is made between foreign and domestic investors by the law, the principle of equality prevails.