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Montenegro Residence Permit

Getting a residence permit in Montenegro gives you and your family valuable opportunities in the near future. Montenegro's admission to the EU is getting closer with each day as the country's economy grows steadily at a rapid pace.

Due to this situation investors who plan to obtain residence permit in Montenegro should act fast. In a few years or so, it will not be possible to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro as easy as today only by establishing a new company or purchasing real estate.

Obtaining a residence permit from any foreign country is very difficult and costly.

Since Montenegro is fairly a young country, it offers foreigners unprecedented opportunities for getting residence and work permits for a limited time. Investments in the amounts of millions of US dollars and very long processing times are required in order to obtain residence and work permits from developed countries such as USA, Canada and Australia. Getting a Montenegro residence permit is almost free when compared with other countries.

In as little as 21 days you can establish a new company in Montenegro and obtain a residence permit.

A Secure Life Awaits with a Montenegro Residence Permit

The current living standards in Montenegro are at the same levels as those of the EU countries. The most important of these are high quality and affordable educational opportunities for your children (public schools free of charge, graded universities), high-income investments, EU membership, a thriving economy (single digit inflation rate), free health care and a stable political environment. You should consider obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro as the most important investment for your future.

How to get a residence permit in Montenegro?

Getting a residence permit in Montenegro can be achieved with two different methods:

1 - Obtaining a residence permit by establishing a new company in Montenegro

2 - Get residence permit by purchasing real estate in Montenegro (residential only)

The first one, setting a company in Montenegro is the most affordable method to obtain a residence and work permit in a short time.

Don't forget to browse our Establishing a company in Montenegropackages specially prepared for you. You can easily get Montenegro residence and work permit in just about 21 days.

If you wish, you can keep your company passive for 100 Euros per year and still keep your residence permit even if you never come to Montenegro. Your spouse and other family members who are under the age of 18 can also benefit from these rights (obtaining a residence permit) when you establish a company in Montenegro.

The second method is to obtain a residence permit through the purchase of real estate in Montenegro. This method also has significant advantages in itself. Property prices in Montenegro increase in the range of 8% - 14% annually. If you add the rental income which increases every year, obtaining a residence permit through real estate in Montenegro is a high income-generating investment. Real estate transfer tax is only 3%.

The fact that it is the first country to join the European Union in the next 5 years triggers real estate prices even more. Budva, Tivat and Bar are just a few of the cities in the region with the highest increase in real estate prices.

The methods and the advantages of obtaining residence permit in Montenegro

Montenegro Residence Permit Period

The residence and work permits you obtain from Montenegro are only valid for one year and must be renewed every year.

If you want to obtain permanent residence permit then you must spend 10-11 months of the year in Montenegro. This will allow you to obtain a residence permit at the end of the required 5 year period. Montenegro residence permit provides long-term advantages to foreign investors; however, there are some other rules to obtain citizenship. You can apply for Montenegrin citizenship after you obtain a residence permit and stay in Montenegro for a certain period of time.

It is becoming more popular to obtain a residence permit with this method in Montenegro, since the costs of establishing a company is low.

Nationalities of the foreigners who have invested the most in Montenegro in the last 10 years:

• Russia
• Turkey
• Canada
• United Arab Emirates
• Azerbaijan

The documents you need to prepare for applying for a residence permit in Montenegro are listed below. All documents must be translated and apostilled by a notary public.

Keep in mind that you must visit a post office within the first 24 hours of your entry to Montenegro in order to register your entrance. It is mandatory for foreigners who are planning to invest. If you do not do this, you must exit and to re-enter to comply with the terms of permit transactions.

Important Information about Montenegro

Montenegro, the fastest growing country in the Balkans, has become the most sought-after European country for investors looking for better living opportunities with improved living standards, quality education system, economic opportunities, free health services and constantly developing tourism sector.

The economic reforms implemented by the state in recent years are one of the most influential factors in Montenegro's development. Its free economic policies, geopolitical location, ecological land, unique historical buildings that are under UNESCO World Heritage Preservation make Montenegro one of the most preferred European countries for settlement.

Euro is the official currency in Montenegro, but life is quite affordable compared to other European countries. Southern parts of the country is serving to sea tourism (Sveti Stefan) with the beuatiful Adriatic coast while the northern parts have spectacular accommodation options for winter tourism with glorious mountains.

Durmitor National Park has become a fancy sports central for rafting and skiing. Montenegro attracts an increasing number of tourists each year which in turn contributes significantly to the national economy.

Montenegro's EU membership

Montenegro's accession to the EU is certain and will happen soon. Montenegro, whose EU membership will be approved between the years 2021 and 2025, will change its entire system of residence and work permits after the approval it will probably be very difficult to obtain new ones. There is a limited period of time to take advantage of these opportunities. In the near future getting a residence permit in Montenegro will not be possible with today's convenient options.

Is Montenegro Safe?

Crime rates in the country are incredibly low. Montenegro, a NATO member, is a completely safe country and does not have its own army. The fairytale Balkan country of Montenegro is definitely the right choice for the future of your children.

Montenegro Visa Policy

The question does Montenegro request a visa is frequently asked, but most foreigners who visit Montenegro does not have to obtain aSchengen or any other visa. As a result of the agreements between the two countries, Turkish citizens can stay in Montenegro for 90 days without obtaining a visa. This situation provides great convenience during obtaining residence permit in Montenegro. When Montenegro becomes a member of the Schengen countries in the future, you will be able to enter other European countries only with your Montenegro residence card.

When did Montenegro Become Independent?

Montenegro declared its full independence to the whole world In 2006, with the declaration of independence made by the Montenegrin Assembly. Podgorica is Montenegro's capital. Country’s per capita income is over $ 7,000. Budva, Kotor, Bar and Cetinje are some of the other important cities in the country.

Montenegro Geographical Features

Europe's only rainforest is located in here. It is possible to experience both summer and winter seasons simultaneously.
• The first and only Ecological country in the world.
• It has unique mountain lakes.
• Since it is located on the opposite coast of Italy, mutual trade and tourism has reached to advanced levels.
• Very close to Central and Northern Europe by roadway.
• There are many natural wonders of nature (Biogradska Gora)
• It contains important sea ports (Kotor and Bar).

Time is Running Out to Get a Residence Permit in Montenegro

Montenegro will be more important than most Balkan countries in the near future due to its rapidly developing economy, education and commercial opportunities. It is likely that the country will further accelerate its development rate in future as it clearly shows from the development statistics such as real estate, investment and technology of Montenegro for the last 5 years.

The current period should be considered as a historical opportunity for foreign investors to establish a company in Montenegro for obtaining a residence permit. Montenegro promises hopeful tomorrows for you and your children but you must act fast to realize your dreams.