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Montenegro Work Permit

In Montenegro, the current laws to obtain work permits are quite flexible compared to developed countries. Similar opportunities and conditions exist at the high level of EU standards for the work force in Montenegro, where the Euro is used as currency.

It is possible to receive free health service from all public hospitals throughout the country as long as your insurance premiums are paid regularly.

When obtaining Montenegro work permit is examined both socially and economically, the current data states that the increasing foreign investment in the country poses a great need for a larger workforce in future.

The corporate culture which is brought by foreign investors to the country has led to many significant improvements in Montenegrin workers' rights. Working conditions are constantly improving as large international corporations apply the same social benefits that they provide in their home countries to their Montenegrin employees. This situation, which has a direct impact on the development of the sectors, also leads to the emergence of new business segments as a natural result of rivalry.

Those who work or planning to work in Montenegro can have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of quality professions due to foreign investors offering diverse career options.

Montenegrin labor data shows that the male-female distribution is very close to each other. This is an important indicator which proves the potential of Montenegrin women to find and work as easily as men.

How to Get a Work Permit in Montenegro?

Getting a work permit in Montenegro by setting up a company is quite a simple process. You should not be frightened by the idea of establishing a company in Montenegro; the required capital is only 1 Euro. Establishment of the company takes no longer than 5 work days. You can easily obtain work permit once the company is established. All transactions take place within 21 days.
Just come to our Montenegrin office for a few days to provide the fingerprint copies and your signature.
Applications are made directly to the Ministry of Interior (Montenegro Official Gazette No. 22/08) for foreigners' work permits.

So, what kind of documents do you need to get a Montenegro work permit?

• Copy of a foreign passport
• Copy of diploma and transcript
• Criminal record
• Copy of the Marriage Certificate if you are married
• Copy of Birth Certificate for children under 18

All the above-mentioned documents must be translated and approved by the notary public with apostille.

It is very advantageous to start a business in Montenegro because new initiatives are needed in almost every sector. A wide array of opportunities is waiting for you; it is possible to work or operate without any competition at all in most business segments. When you compare Montenegro with already economically developed countries such as Canada, USA or EU; this is probably the only once in lifetime opportunity that you will ever get in your life.

Less Population More Jobs; Montenegro Needs Quality Workforce

When global companies invest in new developing countries, they bring many new job opportunities with them. You can say this is pretty much like importing new jobs to the country.
Montenegro is a young country with an average population of just over 630,000. The current workforce is not large enough to supply the advanced companies need for staffing and this is a big opportunity if you are planning to work in Montenegro.

Montenegro's current companies and labor force fall behind the country's fast-growing economy. Montenegro's largest port city, Kotor receives 630 cruise ships on average. In addition, thousands of tourists come in during summer season to visit the historical and geographical beauties of the city by bus. However, since there are not enough tourist facilities in the country, most visitors have to pass on to neighboring countries for accommodation. Many tourists are looking for alternative solutions by renting apartments throughout the season. This is not a long-term solution although it contributes to the real estate market with higher rental income for investors.

Significant opportunities exist in the Montenegrin tourism sector both in terms of investment and labor. The new facilities that are planned to be built in southern parts with turquoise beaches will require a higher number of workforces in Montenegro. There is no doubt that these new facilities will be implemented but what is more important at this point is to figure out who the lucky candidates will be to benefit from these opportunities as foreign investors or labor force.

How do I find a job in Montenegro?

Obtaining a work permit in Montenegro will go beyond your expectations in the long-term. The most important factor in this regard is that it is certain that the country will receive EU membership in a short time as we have previously mentioned. Getting a work permit in Montenegro today can provide you with opportunities which you will not be able to receive even if you make huge investments in the future.

Many commercial areas in Montenegro are either new or open for development. Accordingly, the need for educated or skilled personnel is high in demand for the new organizations established.

Instead of competing with a high number of over qualified employees in your country, you can work with better conditions in key positions by obtaining a work permit in Montenegro.

Sectors in Montenegro with Labor Deficiency

Montenegro Agriculture Sector; Montenegro is the only ecological country in Europe which is a unique advantage among all EU countries. Since the soils in the region have been preserved untouched for centuries, organic farming in Montenegro provides tremendous profit opportunities for the future. Organic farming in Montenegro has the capacity to become a worldwide brand due to the fact that the country is very close to Europe and such quality organic farming areas are not available in any other European country. Getting a work permit and focusing on organic farming early in Montenegro can take you to a level where none of your future competitors can reach. In addition, there are significant shortages in the production of dairy and cattle breeding.

Montenegro Tourism Sector; Montenegro needs qualified staff in all kinds of touristic services such as hotels, pensions, restaurants and bars. In particular, staff who can speak foreign languages or who have mastered ethnic dishes should take this chance. Professional tourism services are still under development in Montenegro although the country can attract tourists from many different countries. Tourism is the leading sector even if you only consider the historic city of Kotor which is under UNESCO World Heritage Protection. So many business opportunities are waiting for you in Kotor from diving tourism to restaurant and hotel services. The city attracts more than six thousand tourists per day during summer.

Montenegro Construction Sector; Foreign construction companies invest in many residential and industrial projects in Montenegro. The construction sector in Montenegro is developing very rapidly and the demand for foreign investors and employees in this sector is increasing day by day. If you are experienced in the construction sector, you can find many job opportunities in these sectors with a Montenegro work permit.

In addition, health tourism in Montenegro (such as aesthetics, surgery, dentistry) is growing every year. Tourists from nearby regions pour in since meditation, cosmetic and surgical operations are affordable in comparison to EU countries.

Getting a work permit in Montenegro can offer you a whole new life. Your success depends on your creativity and courage. To give you an example; if you were a very gifted tattoo artist in your home country, you could easily be the most famous tattoo artist in one of the southern cities of Montenegro. Business is wide open in cities like Kotor.

Make a Trust Worthy Start in Montenegro

Many developed countries, which were only a small town at the time of their establishment, have now become the industry leaders in other parts of the world.
Take any developed country you like and compare; you will see that most of the factors that are advantageous for initial success are currently found in Montenegro.

Reasons for Success in Developed Countries

• Geographical location
• Laws that support the economy
• Creative ideas
• Natural resources
• Courageous investors
• Qualified workforce
• Hard work

The geographical location advantage, economic laws and natural resources mentioned above are all present in Montenegro. All you need to do is to get a work permit or become an investor to take part in one of the most successfully developed country of the future.

Institutions Privatized by the State of Montenegro:

• Aluminum Factory
• Telecommunications Companies (2)
• Sea port
• Brewery
• Oil distribution company
• Financial institutions (Numerous)
• Hotels (Numerous)