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Sectoral and Commercial Investment Consultancy

You can benefit from our experienced staff specialized in their branches for the commercial investments and sector analyzes you plan to make in Montenegro. We are with you with all the support you may need in Montenegro commercial investment consultancy to ensure that all your bureaucratic transactions are detailed to the finest detail and your applications are completed successfully.

We provide professional advice on the opportunities available for your industrial and commercial investments in Montenegro and related government subsidies. Whether it is real estate investments and company organizations for residence permits or large-scale or strategic investments, it is our priority to take the right steps in potential investments within the borders of Montenegro.

Get ready to focus on success in Montenegro with our sectoral and commercial investment advisory to provide quick and smooth results in all your public planning and various incentive applications, such as income and corporate tax exemptions, employment support, land supply, value added tax exemptions.

Why is Commercial Investment Advantageous in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a newly established country; it has huge and profitable potentials in the industry, agriculture and tourism sectors, but many of them have not been evaluated. Compared with Turkey Antalya rode in a time machine or a sense that one of the first hotels to open in the basement, the first footwear company in Turkey to set up or that can be compared to the first wind energy investment in Istanbul. In other words, Montenegro has certain important opportunities to be successful and as in all other subjects, the first steps will be taken and the top profit will be achieved in a low competitive environment.

In addition to all these opportunities, the Montenegrin government gives foreign investors who invest in the country equal rights with their citizens and provides many high-capacity government incentives to contribute to the success of their initiatives.

You must act quickly to get a share of the rich pastry in Montenegro, which will be approved for membership in the European Union in the next few years. A large number of foreign investors have invested in many different fields. Many of them are planning to make new investments due to the high profit rates they have achieved
The country has a high quality staff, but the Minimum Wage in Montenegro is only 222 Euro (as of July 1, 2019).

Property Management

We provide systematic access to up-to-date information, feasibility reports and current movements of all properties you buy in Montenegro. We provide management and consultancy services for managing, renting, responding to tenant requests, monitoring insurance and security services, and monitoring monthly property.
The total value of the real estate sold in Budva in 2018 is more than 130 million Euros. The property tax collected exceeded 3 million euros. In 2018, Turkish investors bought more than 100 properties in Budva.

Montenegro State Stock Purchase

In Montenegro, which has significant tax advantages especially for foreign investors, we analyze your investments in state stocks to the finest detail with respect to income and cost, and organize your financial planning by ensuring that your investments are made at the right time and in the right amount. You can apply for Montenegrin Citizenship in as little as 21 days without waiting with the 100,000 Euros worth of Montenegrin government stocks until 2021, and you can get a Montenegrin passport within 4 to 6 months.

Montenegro Financial Investment Services

In Montenegro, we provide you with the most advantageous analysis of current financial instruments and provide follow-up services for your financial transactions. We provide you with the most cost-effective solutions with our extensive commercial contacts and experienced team in the field in order to ensure legal competence on the projects being processed.

Tax Management for Commercial Investments in Montenegro

We guide you in the relevant regulations, changing tax laws, regulations that are open to interpretation, and the notification and follow-up of your obligations in whatever industry you are undertaking in Montenegro. We provide continuous and up-to-date information on current tax reductions and benefits to ensure successful and stable operations in Montenegro, as well as preventive information to avoid risks and penal sanctions. Corporate tax, withholding, VAT and insurance premiums, such as the issuance of legal obligations and payment services follow-up service.

Commercial Legal Services in Montenegro

You can get consultancy service from our company on all kinds of issues you may need under the Montenegrin commercial law. We are at your disposal in all matters requiring legal expertise, such as the opening of companies, the execution of legal procedures related to management, the conclusion of contracts, enforcement proceedings, personnel contracts and the protection of your commercial rights in Montenegro. In order to continue the commercial success of your investments within the framework of the Law on Enterprises in Montenegro, please contact us for all your questions about the necessary legislation.

Tourism Sector Consulting in Montenegro

In order to benefit from the current incentives and tax reductions in the field of tourism, you should receive expert support in these areas in Montenegro. Our company has the most experienced staff especially in the tourism potential of southern Montenegro. To date, a number of new incentives have been prepared by the government for the growing Montenegrin tourism sector based in Budva and Kotor on the Adriatic coast, awaiting the application of lucky foreign investors. In 2017, its contribution to gross domestic product was USD 1.1 billion.

When tourism incentive schemes between 50 and 500 million Euros are realized, more tourists will be able to come to the country due to the increased accommodation capacity. The planned facilities include hotels, residences, marinas and various shops. There are also various incentives, such as tax exemptions on a local basis, for small-scale investors to open and manage tourist facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants and pensions.

Get Maximum Profit in Montenegro

Thanks to the sectoral and commercial consultancy services we provide for natural and legal persons, you can maximize the investments you plan to make in Montenegro. Our feasibility, analysis and reporting services are designed to help you make the right investments. Thanks to our professional network throughout Montenegro, you can request commercial advice for every sector you can think of.