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Why Montenegro?

An European style of life in the heart of Adriatic shores!

Every place in Europe is just nearby you! Montenegro is just a couple of hours to the biggest cities of Europe. Its central location in Mediterranean and its 3 international airports connect the most popular spots to each other such as London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Moscow, Zurich, Istanbul and Warsaw. You can reach the other European countries with a flight that lasts for only one or two hours.

An attractive spot, a worth living environment!

Life in Montenegro is cheaper when compared with other European countries.

Make up your mind on time, don’t miss the investment opportunities!

The competition in real estate sector is really low in Montenegro, however, the prices started to rise and it will climb up consistently in the upcoming years. The average real-estate prices are 2.000 € per net square meters.

A prominent country in terms of house purchases and rentals!

The current economic and other conditions made the value of the buildings here such special. Whether you plan to buy property or rent one, you will come out better of.

A wide range of developed health services in Europe!

There is a good quality of health system in Montenegro. There are public and private hospitals in the health sector. There are public and private hospitals that are full-fledged.

A stable democracy is in modern Montenegro withits open economy.

After Euro’s acceptance as a official currency, the country economy showed a great progress in the recent years. Inflation decreased %3.6, real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew approximately %3.4 since the year 2004. With its business-friendly advantages, Montenegro keeps its income tax rate on %9. Low start limitations are presented in taxes to the new business owner, safe good rights are given, workforce with competitive, educative and young fees are provided. The prominent tourism sector in Montenegro showed economic vitality and a strong development, it attracted many foreign investors’ attention with 3,5 billion €.